I have the greatest respect for your talent and I wished I could do the same but I just cant.

  • Hi I dont really know where to even start I just want you to know whoever you are that I have the greatest respect for your talent and I wished I could do the same but I just cant. The thing why I am asking you for help is, because of this story: 3 month ago I entered uni and I got to know this really charming guy. We ve then been dating and having an affair like relationship for 3 month. In the end he suddenly started acting weird..one minute he would be sweet and charming and the other minute hed treat me like rubbish..so I became distanced too to protect myself. He then asked me if I also realized that the whole thing doesnt make sense and i said yes to not embarass myself. Since that day we did not talk and I miss him like crazy. My whole body starts getting out of control! I cry randomly during the day, Im depressed, I have nightmares, I even have physical pain through all this emotional pain..and what makes everything even worse is that recently he added a new girl on fb and he comments on her photos and everything. I just want to know what he feels and if hes missing me too. Thats why Im begging you to help me get into his facebook account once so I know if hes writting to this girl and I need to forget about him or if there is still a chance for me..Please help me even if I sound ridiculous to you! You would make me tge worlds happiest person and Id really be thankful to you for ever!!! Im just dying on the inside from this uncertainty.. If you re considering to help me please contact me and I will tell you his name! Thank you for paying attention to me anyway already

  • dear Janina your boyfrind is cheating on you, we have found some messages in his facebook profile which prove your doubts, you have to move on and forgot him

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