BADMAILER - A tool for sending phishing mail

  • Hello!
    Let's start with the preface.

    1. Each of the novice hackers and those who are interested in this topic is a script kiddy. The Kiddy script is a person who uses existing programs, but who is not able to write such software himself. And each of us overcomes the line kiddy script. It is important to note that it does not matter whether you wrote your program or not, most importantly you are more than just copy-paste.
    2. I'm mostly special. in SI and phishing. I believe that these are perfect hacking methods, because as almost all known hackers said: the main vulnerability of the system is a person. I am looking for and testing different programs on this topic, what I am sharing with you on this forum.
      Every SI probably knows a program in Kali - SEToolkit. In the C section of this program there is a section that is responsible for sending fake mail. However, for me, like for others, it did not start, and I was very furious.

    And so, comparing all of the above together, I decided to make my own utility.
    Since I program in Python and understand it, I wrote a simple program that we all need so much.

    About BadMailer
    This program sends emails to the specified victim. Sending occurs with the fake mail "[email protected]".
    Nothing more to say.

    We proceed to the installation.

    We open the familiar Kali Linux Terminal and enter these commands, one after another:
    Download BadMailer
    cd BadMailer
    If you did everything correctly, you should have this window pop up:
    If you agree with all the risks (problems if they find you), then write "y"
    The next step is to open this window:
    Here we indicate the victim’s mail, message (IMPORTANT! IF YOU WANT TO LEAVE THE LINE, WRITE IN ENGLISH BIG LETTERS ENTER)
    The program makes sure that you are sure you want to send this letter with this message. We write "y" if you agree.
    After that, the program will confirm the sending.

    Here's a letter like this coming to the victim’s mail:
    As we see, a letter came from ... a security service? Look, there’s even an icon ...

    Experienced social the engineer will find many applications for this program, which you decide.

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