• Hello!
    I want to introduce you to Tikhon.
    Tihon is my Python program for spamming your victim’s email specifically for ufolabs.net
    What is the essence of this program? The program sends one email every second to the specified address of the victim (cool, isn't it?) With the content that you can specify. The funniest thing is that not a single email service will determine that this is spam, so all emails will go to your Inbox.
    In order to install Tikhon, open our familiar Kali Linux terminal and enter these commands:
    cd TihonTheSpammer
    python3 Tihon.py
    If you did everything correctly, then this window will appear:

    Next, indicate the victim's email address
    After which the program will ask if the text of the letter "This is SPAM" suits us, if we do not want to change it, write "n"
    Then we select how many letters you need to send to the victim, and press "Enter"
    The sending process begins, the victim will receive this (click to zoom):
    Even the icon is suitable)

    If we want to change the text of the letter, then write "y"Then, the steps to select the number of letters and the actual sending are repeated.

    Now about the details.
    I wrote it in a day.
    There are many applications for the program.
    For example, here you have a friend, your teacher or competitor. And you need to disable it, it is for this that this program exists. After all, if you run it in several windows, then your competitor will be raking up all the trash that will be in his mail for a very long time. After running the program for 1000 letters, to go for a walk or to be distracted, the competitor’s mail will be overloaded.

    I will be very happy if you test the program, but only at your own peril and risk. Although, I say this on the hacker forum ...
    Subscripe https://anonymoushackers.org/user/hackers-academy

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