Protect your computer from penetration

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    Welcome all.

    In this article I would like to talk about how to protect your computer from penetration (it will be useful for IT professionals)
    Close access to the Startup folder. (Win + R and enter shell: startup)
    Close registry access. (Win + R and enter gpedit.msc> Administrative Templates> Deny access to registry editing tools).
    Deny access to the control panel and settings. (Also the policy editor and Admin templates, then click on the Control Panel and Deny access to the control panel, turn it on.)
    Remove all unnecessary programs through which you can penetrate. Well, too much.
    Change all default passwords from routers, control panels, server, passwords for WiFi and so on
    Install a program for remote access on each computer, and it is better to make it secretive. When it penetrates, it will record all actions + a photo from the webcam. (I can make you a guide about this).
    Block cmd (console) to all users.
    Be sure to set a password on the BIOS and Boot Manager.

    If it was useful to someone, like this post) I tried)

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