LazyBruter - THE FASTEST BRUTFORCE E-Mail (Kali Linux)

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    We all know what brutus is. And for those who don’t know: BruteForce is the selection of passwords by sorting through random characters or sorting passwords in the list indicated by the hacker.
    No one is protected from brutus. The only possibility: a very complex password, usually more than 8 characters, with capital letters, etc.
    But sooner or later, your password will also become weak and vulnerable.
    What you will see has not yet been on the Russian Internet. Become the first Russian user of LazyBruter.
    Yes. Today we will talk about the best of its kind repositories for brutus. LazyBruter.
    To run our utility, copy these lines to our terminal:

    git clone
    cd lazybruter
    chmod + x

    Here is a window like this:
    I would advise allowing proxy, write to

    Here you can choose two options
    and - just brute force passwords
    b - brute force passwords from a text document.
    If a:
    We choose the minimum password size, and agree if the mail is the mail of our victim
    Passwords are being searched and it will take a lot of time. We make tea and wait for breaking.
    Interesting - the program iterates over these characters: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890! # $% & '* + - / =? ^ _ {|} ~; `

    If you have chosen option b:
    We indicate the path to our list of passwords (I advise you to download RockYou.txt on the Internet - there are 14 Million PASSWORDS), the document should be in the lazybruter folder for more convenience. Hit Enter
    If ALL passwords in the list are incorrect, then this window will pop up:
    If one of the passwords on your list approached the victim's mail, the program will give an answer in 1 second.

    LazyBruter is one of the best email broilers, and also the fastest (I ran it on a computer of 10 years of age and it worked flawlessly)

    The list of characters for brutus can be changed as you like. This is useful if for example you know the first few characters of the victim’s password.

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