Hacker installed Windows 10 on a calculator

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    The hacker was able to install Windows 10 on the calculator. He is the same hacker who installed the full version of Windows 10 on Windows Phone and OnePlus 6.

    The hacker, who is known as @imbusho on Twitter, was able to successfully install Windows 10 IoT Core on HP's primary graphics calculator, and not on the basic or scientific calculator with the plus, multiplication, and division that we usually use.

    For those who don’t know, Windows 10 IoT is a family of operating systems from Microsoft designed for use in embedded devices such as a washing machine, automatic door lock, Rasberry Pi, Glas Thermostat and many others.

    According to the hacker, the first attempt to boot the operating system failed with some pre-OS error. As a result, Windows 10 is still not working properly.

    Although Windows 10 IoT Core does not provide full interaction with Windows Shell, it can potentially run universal applications (UWP) in the background.

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