VA becomes criminal playground

  • After seeing what happened in Charlottesville over the past few years. A rape on campus, several other unreported incidents. The statue not being torn down, and denial of aid to victims in the areas I have visited I have concluded that the KKK and other criminal organizations have infiltrated the government(s?) of VA. Think about it, ask around, see how people feel and ignore all the mumbo jumbo. Focus on facts. Like the fact that they recreate Jackie's rape. Or that the police did not interfere with the armed protest and someone died. Instead they waited down the street until it started raining. From my personal experience I know that anyone that isn't wanted or isn't seen as valuable isn't welcome in this society. Eugenics has altered lives already by removing people who think differently from society and people are being imprisoned for other people's crimes, even as victims of the crime. I don't know it all, but I can tell you that there is something wrong here. The police are more interested in proving you're insane rather than investigating rapes, stalking, and civil disturbances.


    If you investigate deeper, especially from the point of view of a crazy person or a victim, then you'll find that even the people claiming to help are ignoring messages. Do they not have time? Or are these fake accounts?

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