Bank Scam

  • I bought a PS4 off of Gumtree from a man who decided to keep my money and take advantage of my trust.

    After countless attempts to get back in touch with him hoping for an explanation or a refund of my money, the man did not return my calls or texts leaving me with no money or PS4 console that I rightfully paid for.

    I''m asking you guys at anonymous to work your magic. Catch and expose the [censored] out of this scammer and please get my funds back.

    His name is Adam Scheff (at least his account name is) his BSB is 880-100 and the Account number is 977995341. His phone number is 0423 115 477.

    Any help or a reply email would be greatly appreciated.

    You guys are possibly my last hope

  • We found the guy, we also have his personal info, check your inbox

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