Please help me from my abusive ex partner

  • My ex partner was abusive so I broke up with him. However, ever since he found out that I am pregnant his baby, he has been threatening me (I saw his car near around my neighborhood couple of times) and telling me he wants me to abort. I am really afraid of him so I really need to know where he is and if he is approaching to me or not. Also, I heard that he initiates to talk family law lawyers, I really don't want him to be around me and my child. I've been emailing him to know if he is going to argue a child custody or not but he never responded about this plan. So I also really need to know if he is contacting his lawyers and what their plans are. Then I have to hire lawyers too. However, hiring is lawyers are expensive and I have to save my money for my potential child. And he is a lawyer so he never left any physical evidences of abuse and he always pretended that he is reasonable and nice through texts...However, through phone calls and when we met in was horrible...Please help me. I really need to know his location and if he is talking to lawyers or his lawyer friends and what's his plans. You can recommend me good hackers I can trust or if you can help me you can contact me directly. My Telegram's user name is Sumbi2020. Thank you so much.

  • All the details about our investigation was sent through email. Take care next time!

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