Phone/money transfer scam

  • I''m not 100% that the person behind this is scamming me, because they keep calling back, but at this point their story is so ridiculous it can''t be true.

    Long story but I''ll keep it brief...ish.

    Last year I met a girl on She claimed she ran away from home, we talked on the phone, and her car broke down and needed money to get it fixed. Sure. I had money at the time, so no biggie. Being a nice guy I figured I''d help.

    Fast forward, between then and now I''ve sent her close to 70,000. I know, I''m the retard for not figuring it out, but she claims that she has a cheque for me that will cover pretty much everything from the NBA (National Benefit Association), and I want to believe her, but I don''t know ANYONE with as bad as luck as she claims and I was wondering if you guys could look into things for me being as I have no idea how to do it myself. The name(s) she''s given me both return zero results in people and i have a list of like 14 phone numbers that she''s contacted me from. I''ve tried contacting the provider but they can''t/won''t release any information without a secret answer that she won''t give me, which just further reinforces my thoughts that she''s fucking me over.

    I don''t know what information you need from me, or if this is something that you guys will/would even look into. But the police won''t do anything because it falls under civil suit and I just don''t have enough information to find her.

    She''s given me 2 names.

    Bailey Halinsky and Bailey Bushannon.
    etransfer email -

    Thank you for your time.

  • We have found the girl but it's a boy, check your inbox for details

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