FakeAuth - Network attack.

  • FakeAuth - Network attack.
    Hello, subscriber of the Hackers Academy.

    Today I will talk about FakeAuth.

    FakeAuth is an attack framework written in favorite python version 3 with ARP spoofing. What it is? I'll tell you now.

    ARP-Spoofing is a type of network attack type of MITM. It is used in Ethernet networks.

    Features of the framework:

    Ki Disguise your mac address.

    ┿ Sends deauth packets within the network.

    Yay Checks the status of your address.

    Aet Gets status information for mac addresses.


    Python .7.x


    Download the utility itself from the gita.

    git clone https://github.com/scriptedp0ison/FakeAuth.git

    Go to the utility folder.

    cd FakeAuth / FakeAuth

    Run using python.

    python fakeauth.py

    We are writing a help team.


    So we are done.

    You are the Hackers Academy.

  • como haces esto
    estoy iniciando y no entiendo mucho del tema

  • I can solv this soon

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