I'm sure I get scamed by that so called shipping company

  • Hello Anonymous, I'm helpless and don't know what to do and I hope you could help me somehow. I'm Linda 25 years old, female from Germany and I'm sure I get scamed by that so called shipping company. I have ordered tobacco from South Africa which was sent out with that freight agency, but the tobacco never has arrived at my home address and there always was a new Customs problem, which I had to pay money for to solve it, and all money should be refunded within 90days. I have paid over 60000 EUR and if I won't get it back, I will be ruined for my whole life, because I took credits, to get the needed money for getting the shipment to me. The "company" sent me an insurance certificate, but now as I asked them for a proof of the payment to German Customs and a proof for being a company, they don't reply to me. Here are E-Mail addresses which I think belong all to that one scam: insurance@global-freightagency.com info@herbalblendsales.com lhr-ldn@london.com clearingagent@global-freightagency.com sars.import.export@gmail.com I have already contacted my bank, hoping to get back only one payment of 27000 € I made through online banking, but my bank told me, that it's too late to get the money back. Please, I also tried to contact South African Police but they don't reply to me as well, I don't know what to do, I'm lost and I'm helpless, no one else can help me. I can give you the bank details to that account I paid the on bank wire, the other payments were done through western union. The company really sounded serious and I thought all will be alright but now I'm scared and I'm sure that it's all a fraud :-( I want them to pay for this and to avoid that other people will be scamed by them as well, but I have no opportunity and no money to take an detective or something to get my money back. Please help me, I would do anything for it, and if you need more information, please tell me I give you all I have. I don't know how to live now, I'm ruined... best regards, Linda PS.: Is there anyone from you speaking German?

  • I have cracked the shipping company and i must confirm you that the business it's a scam. I'm so sorry for you, we try to recover some founds from the account

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