Free energy devices

  • Good day I am so inept with my computer skills, that I could be considered a luddite. However, I recently read about your organization using your superior hacking skills to make our world a better place, ie- taking over the Westboro baptist Church's website (nice). It quickly occurred to me, that your organization, may be able to utilize it's skills to uncover the free energy devices, alluded to by the young man who recently hacked the pentagon's website. These, and all other beneficial technologies, hidden by the elite, should be made available to a populace in need, and a world choking on the poisons of a society that cannot seem to advance beyond the internal combustion engine. Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work.

  • @Joseph-Lindal The free energy devices already exists but can not be show to the public, only when the oil will be gone the energy devices will come up.

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