I'm fascinated by the things you

  • Hey Anons, I cannot do any of the things you guys do, but I felt this urge to have some kind of contact with at least one of you even if it ends up being one sided. There have been several stories, including those that might've happened years ago, being posted on social media. Facebook in my case. This group's name pops up every now and then and I look into your involvement with that case more in depth. I'm fascinated by the things you, as a group and individuals can and manage to do. The purpose of this is not to ask, but just tell you I praise and applaud what this group stands for, especially in times like these, when people seem to have zero privacy. Seems like George Orwell predicted the future, but instead of 1984, the year should be 2001+. Also, I have no clue as to how secure this is or what calamities are to fall upon me, after all this is a hacker group, but as long as I'm the only one involved, I my mind is and will be at peace.

  • @Tanya1 George Orwell is right about the prediction, join our group and you will be protected.

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