Sombath Somphone was last seen in Vientiane

  • Laos on the evening of Saturday 15th December 2012 when he was driving home in his jeep. His family and friends immediately contacted the police, visited hospitals, and informed embassies, but nobody knew where Sombath had gone. Two days later, CCTV footage became available that showed Sombath being stopped by police and then abducted. The video can be seen here. Sombath is a friend, colleague and a visionary who has spent his life working for his people and country. This website hopes to facilitate his return to his family and work. it is believed that the Laos government may have some involvement into his abduction as Sombath is promoting fair/just and inclusive type of development in Laos. Please visit for more information, i hope anonymous could help in disseminating the info about sombath as it is going to be 1 year already of his abduction

  • we need the get in contact with Sombath, it s that possible?

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