I am one of the students for RealTalk

  • I am one of the students for RealTalk Dartmouth hoping to reform Dartmouth. The Board of Trustees have the ultimate power to eliminate the Greek system. The Chair of the Board responded that the only reason Greek life (the most destructive, violent, misogynist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, ableist, male-dominated space) still exist is for financial reasons. The Chair said "Do you have a billion dollars to invest into Dartmouth" to essentially eliminate the Greek system. He is a billionaire. For literally decades Dartmouth faculty and staff have tried to eliminate the Greek system. Three President tried to eliminate the Greek system but the Board of Trustees refuses to budge. Dartmouth has the highest sexual assault and rape culture in the Ivy League. The Board of Trustees said recently if the school receives anymore bad press, they will need to make MAJOR changes to the Greek system. Right now is the optimal time. There is a new university president coming June 10. RealTalk activists have been actively campaigning and using direct-action protest to change/reform Dartmouth. There was a HUGE protest at the admitted students variety show called Dimensions that caused tremendous controversy. My fellow comrades have been charged with "Not following directions" for barging into the variety show venue chanting "Dartmouth has a problem." For years nothing has been done. We need for you to hack the Dartmouth Board of Trustees minutes to release minutes related to the Greek system, RealTalk, and reforming Dartmouth preferably in the last year or so. Particularly, there is a Board of Trustees meeting again this week coming up right before Commencement. This would be the optimal time to expose all of Dartmouth''s dirty laundry. Please help!


  • @yadibe this issue is investigated by our members, stay close

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