He has filmed his ex fiance having a seizure and posted it on youtube

  • Please get back to me ASAP. So I should start with I'm not sure how good this "story" is going to be, but it's worth a shot. I know you all are busy with better people but there is this one guy on the internet that is doing deplorable things. His username is Onision. If you could take him down you'd be doing a world of good. What he has done:

    1. He has filmed his ex fiance having a seizure and posted it on youtube.

    2. He regularly mocks self harmers, suicide victims, rape victims, molestation victims, people with depression, the whole LGBT* community, and much much more.

    3. He has violated young girl's lives over the internet and has caused many of them to live with pain. (some of these girls were as young as 13, this man is 28 years old.)

    4. He has killed numerous animals and is a militant vegan that compares meat eaters to serial killers.

    5. I can send you proof of any of this. He needs taken down. Please listen to me. I'm begging you, he is very bad. Here is his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/onision If you need more information about this evil man, contact me by my email that I have listed. Thank you for your time.

  • to take action we need proofs, what info about this issue can you give us?

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