Someone communicating with my daughter

  • My 13 year old daughter was messaged today by someone through Kik messenger who claimed to be with the Anonymous group. He/she seemed to be trying to blackmail her saying things like my daughter was on his/her list of people to hack for the day. The only real information that started to worry me was that this person found out what school she attends. My daughter's Kik account doesn't have any information on it that I thought could be tracked back to her or her Facebook account. Her Kik name is whoaitshaley__ (two underscores) and her email on the account isn't a valid email address.

    The username that messaged her was Anonymous Hackers (with a solid white square in front of & behind his name) and his profile pic appears to be the Anonymous logo containing the wire framed globe background and the man in a suit with a ? face/head. I don't believe this person is legitimately representing the Anonymous group since his motives & objectives of blackmailing a 13 year old girl don't fall in line with what I know about your organization and what it stands for. I think it may possibly be some young boy that knows her trying to play a prank on her. This has really scared & upset her. I would appreciate any help you can offer in finding out if this is a friend of hers being mean or a [censored] disguising himself as someone from Anonymous.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @William-Shook The username it s not from our members, do you have an ip address?

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