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  • Can anyone in Anonymous help or give some good legal advice? My case is shown above. Are ip address really a strong suit of evidence? If someone in Anonymous can help, I would appreciate it. My record is clean. Detective on this case does not anything about computers. I need somebody good, very good that will be worth the money. I want to fight this if there''s a good chance I can win, otherwise will have to plead guilty.
    They seized the pc. Told me they had reports of using spam and used my ip as their sole evidence. This is the university''s case right here.

    I denied it of course as I am also getting spam in my email accounts daily. I told the detective that the pc has had spyware as I had to reformat it a few times in the past, and in the last few weeks half my files were missing. I doubt the detective ran any sort of diagnostics to confirm that (I asked him and he said no). I asked to get the pc back to do my own diagnostics (as the detective already completed his investigation), but he said that would be have done through court order.

    I gave them the history between myself,and the university. I have made complaints and a police report about one of the administrators. Told them about the threats I was receiving and pictures to show it. The detective agreed to speak to me about the threats to be "objective" but pretty much told me he would be charging me anyway. The detective is bias and isn''t trustworth-He is the university''s detective. He also denied the existence of a police report I made against the school even though I have various emails by the administrator I named complaining that I made it. All this would be my defense.

    I don''t want to plead guilty, I plan to plead not guilty to at least drag this out and buy me some time.

    If I can provide evidence that there was a hack in my system, I think that would be very compelling evidence. I don''t think they would bother charging me at that point. This is kind of why I contacted Anonymous as well for assistance. If I can show that somebody hacked into my system and left evidence of any fashion that would tremendously help my case besides the threats and physical evidence. If I plead guilty there will no be investigation, no trial. I plead not guilty, they do have to investigate. I probably wouldn''t have a court date until months from now. That''s what I am hoping too. I am also hoping to show that the detective was incompetent and bias through what I said before in the last emails.

    We have two computers in our house that we use through a router. The router is NETGEAR WNA1100 N150 Wireless USB Adapter, the network named is ATT400 (96:CC:B9:96:DA:00)-This is the Mac address, Network type is Access point.

    , ip is, Ch is 6(G), Security is WPA2-PSK[AES]

  • through the ip address they can track you, gps location, web history and more. We can start an investigation but can take some time

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