I am at in all time low

  • I need your help...
    Hi my name is Robine and I was scammed 2320, well technically 2,490.00 dollars because of the fees. Well here goes the my mother saw a car online on craigslist. (yes I know now the jiff of the website). Well she made me contact the person and we talk only on email. The person's name is "Elisabeth White". She told me she was on the ocean working and her car is in humble, texas. Me being me I was like okay, sound legit. She told me that amazon was going to help us handle the car. All she needed was my name, address, and phone number.
    I did what she said and in a day I got an email from amazon. I found it odd how it was in in the spam but usually most of my mail usually goes there so I didn't pay it no mind. The email seem offiical and my amazon agent's name was "George Bassett".
    so in two days I wire him the money from moneygram and send a fax. While I was wiring the money she send me an email did I send it yet. I told her yes and surely enough "amazon" told me they received the email.
    In a day she did not contact me and I found it strange. So I looked her up and called Amazon. They told me they do not handle with money gram. So I called money gram to report it and they just brushed my off. Then I told my mom and we went to the police. I filed a report and days later the detective told me they couldn't do anything.
    I was mad at money gram for lying at me and not doing ANYTHING! I was mad at the police for paying no mind and giving a look like I was stupid. But I was especially mad at myself for not investigating.
    Me being me again I did not research and found two phone numbers listed under the car. I email Elisabeth as another person and what surprised me was that she answered. Telling about a different car with same price. Of course I pretend to take the offer. I wanted to keep the email going so I can get her ip address from her email. It was a constant place from an hour but it changed to be somewhere else. "Amazon'' emailed me and I tried to do the same but their ip changed too. NOW I AM FED UP.

    Will you guys please help me. I read about what you do and find it to be awesome. I just was to catch this person from scamming others and especially I want to get my money back.
    Without I guess I won't be paying for my college tuition. By the way I am 20 years of age.

    I have the information on them please CONTACT ME! I feel like I am a disappointment.

    p.s While I was doing my research I told myself I wanted to be as great as a hacker as you guys.

    Again thank you,

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