Is there anything you can do for us to seek justice from these people?

  • Anonymous China

    I am currently in a bind because I was approached with what it seemed like a legitimate business opportunity. Apparently this group of people go and email people presenting them with the opportunity to work of a major company getting your car wrapped and make anywhere from $200-400. The company then sends you a check which seems very legitimate and then asks to have the money withdrawn to send to a decal agent. I know I was stupid to believe all of this but as I searched the internet I see countless stories of these peoples abuse. Older folks getting ripped off from our own citizens. Unfortunately I have lost all of my savings which were only $1988 plus whatever the banks charges me for the fraudulent check. The person who sends the email uses this address [email protected].

  • We start an investigation about this issue, we will let you know about any info that we found, check your inbox daily.

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