Build a prototype of a pocket 802.11n router

  • Hi guys! I am a student seeking a sponsorship for my campaign in Kenya. I am working on a a project that requires me to build a prototype of a pocket 802.11n router. This router has cool features such as gps tracking, solar charging as well as data storage. In Kenya there are more than 21.2 million internet users. The problem is affordability and network coverage. My router is set to be used by students and it will be able to have a network coverage by an antenna that will be able to convert 3G networks from isp boosters. On affordability am working on semester long payment system for student internet connection. Everyone has the right to access information and this project supports this right. I really need traffic on my site so please visit my A campaign site for more info.>>> Regards,

  • good luck with your project if you need help you can write us here

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