It is the world''s first acronym based social network

  • I started a social networking website called Seclang. It is the world''s first acronym based social network. For months I have been harrassed by my domain carrier called Fatcow its and every 3 weeks I would get a message saying I attacked their local host. I made sure my website was clean and it had no viruses. Yesterday I get an email from Fatcow saying, "we are shutting you down and deleting your database from our servers". So I lost my site they tried to lock my domain name and they wont let me access my control panel because they deleted everything. The site was growing and getting bigger but I had someone on the inside that worked for Fatcow and they said an employee is accessing Seclang files and deleting their footsteps (they could not find out who there are). Fatcow is one of the biggest web hosting companies and I have proof that they shut me down because I am growing. Please let me know what should I do because as a black man I have tolerated some of the worst from Fatcow I just want them to be shut down as well because what they did is illegal. Thanks please help me

  • @Pesomonopoly the website can be recovered from the server, give me the login details in priv and i will do all my best also next time use a trustworthy hosting company

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