Report a Lawyer and his Fraud

  • All I can say is just go online, Use google -
    Codilis & Associates FRAUD.
    People and firms like this need to pay for their actions !They do not care about people that are in a financial bind -

    They lie to the courts, they evict people, and use their status to bully people trying to go Pro Se in the court of law.

    More important, this coward will not interact with me, he hides behind the bank that hired him, and Codilis would rather mail letters to my family in another state that is nearly 700 miles away - I am only 145 miles from his office but he would rather harass my 70 year old mom and make her nervous with court summons and letters rather than contacting me direct!
    This firm is a firm full of Pussies! You want to see Fraud - Codilis and Associates FRAUD via Google

  • Thank you for sharing with us, we will start an investigation, check your inbox daily

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